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Unit Information

Unit Liaison

We are recruiting for unit liaison from each unit that will be sending scouts to our camp. The unit liaison will be our point of contact for that unit and will help ensure that information is distributed to parents and that paperwork is filed out correctly and turned in on time.

Unit Registration Process

Unit liaisons should familiarize themselves with the registration form and are responsible for collecting all required documentation for the unit. In particular, unit liaisons should:

  1. Review the registration instructions with participants
  2. Collect completely filled-in registration forms for youth and adults
  3. Ensure that all adults have a valid character reference (BSA ID alone will not be accepted this year)
  4. Ensure that all youth staff and adults are either: registered for the FULL WEEK, or have purchased an extra shirt. Shirts are only included in the registration fee for adults and youth staff who have listed that they will be present all 5 days of camp. Adults who indicate that they will not be present all 5 days will not get a shirt unless they purchase one for an extra fee. Adults and youth staff MUST wear a camp shirt to attend camp.
  5. Collect medical forms for every person who will be physically present in camp
  6. Collect proof of current, valid YPT (copy of YPT card or printable certificate from my.scouting.org showing the member ID, name, and date)
  7. Collect payment, accounting for any camp card or other credit which may be available to a family due to fundraising
  8. Enter all registrations and make payments by the required dates
  9. Turn in all forms and documentation to camp staff

The dates for the above activities are found in the registration packet.

Online Registration

The online registration system is now open, and your unit can register for camp at any time.

Click to Register

While it is technically possible for individual families to fill out the online registration directly, we encurage unit liaisons to facilitate this process, as the paper forms must still be submitted and the online registration system does not know how much camp card credit each family should get.